4.0.4 Release Notes

FarmBooks 4.0.4 Release Notes


Aug 12, 2010

New Application Preferences - Number of Decimal Places

  • User may specify the number of decimal places for entry of units and unit price between 2 to 5 digits of accuracy. This change applies to inventory entry, invoicing, check / deposit entry, memorized check / deposit entry, and allocation entry. In check/deposit entry in the grid, the user is not limited to the number of digits specified in preference but the display of these values will be limited to the set value. This preference does not apply to how information is displayed in the report for this release. For instance, if the price amount is changed by the user, the price divided by the number of units could cause the unit price to be adjusted such that the unit price results in up to 5 digits of accuracy. If this happens, the reports will display up to five digits regardless of the preference setting for unit price.
  • NOTE: Users that received or that required more decimal places will need to set this value in preference after the installation as the default is two decimal places.


  • Wide Screen Laptops - Users could not see buttons at the bottom of Screen for Registration Number Change. The screen sizing was updated.
  • '+' or '-' key in the date field would not increment or decrement the date by one day.

New Menu Items


Help Menu – FarmBooks FAQs

  • Added a link to FarmBooks FAQs (frequently ask questions) on the web.

Balance Menu – Transfer Funds

  • Added "Transfer Balance" under Balances menu as this option was hard to find within the Register Tab for new users.

Utilities Menu – Recalculate Customer Balances

  • Added "Recalculate Customer Balances" should you need to recalculate the customer balances used in invoicing.

Check/Deposit Entry

  • Pressing a quick Ctrl-A resulted in 'Dataset Not in Edit Mode' Message when closing the detail entry window.
  • Access Violation would sometimes occur when closing the check/deposit detail window for some users.
  • Some users that received version 4.02, may have received an error "Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset" when closing the check / deposit detail window.
  • Pressing an Alt-A to 'Add' check / deposit detail line in the check/deposit detail window did not work when adding a new line. The accelerator key was conflicting with the Assign button. Alt-S will now be used for the assign button.
  • Entering two or more memorized checks/deposits for the same vendor in a row would result in the detail records for the memorized transaction not being pulled in after the first check / deposit for the vendor.

Incorrect Check/Deposit Number Defaulted to New Check/Deposit

  • After editing an existing check or deposit and then entering a new check / deposit, the check or deposit number that was defaulted would be the previously edit check or deposit plus one.

Voiding a Paycheck

  • Voiding a Payroll Check was not clearing detail amounts. It was clearing only the gross pay amount. This result would cause the payroll reports to include the voided detail amounts.

Paycheck Voucher

  • YTD Totals of 0411x would not carry over on paycheck voucher. If 04113, for example, is set up for Vacation Pay and 8.0 hours on enter on a paycheck and recorded, it shows this on the paycheck voucher. However on the next paycheck done, the YTD for the vacation line shows 0.00 and this also causes the gross YTD to be incorrect.
  • Paycheck voucher updated to include a line next to account information for Sick and Vacation or PDO tracking that shows Available / YTD Used hours. The pay stub report updated to include Available / YTD Used / Period Used tracking information if defined for the employee.

Payroll Reports Footnote Clarification

  • Social Security Wages is Gross Wages minus Pre-tax Health. W-2 Wages is Gross Wages minus All Pre-Tax Deductions.
  • This footnote was applied to the "Payroll Summary", "Payroll Summary By FICA Status" report, and both of the "Payroll Analysis".

Employee Setup

  • When setting up a new employee, automatically retrieve default payroll items when changing to the "Earnings and Deductions Info" tab. Also, ask a confirmation question if an employee has been created without any payroll earnings and deductions defined. It will indicate that it is not possible to create a paycheck without these records.
  • Added a warning message that will be displayed when saving the employee record indicating that it is recommended to recalculate the payroll taxes for a salaried employee if any of the payroll information has been changed.

Reconciliation Status on Transaction Detail was not Updated

  • This issue was introduced with the release. You would notice this in the register view with the check/deposit marked with an 'X' and the detail lines still showed a check mark. However, the reconciliation of check worked without any problems and was a display issue only.
  • NOTE: User that use the reconciliation process should run the data analysis from either the detail register tab by pressing the analyze button or from the utilities menu by selecting "Analyze / Recalculate Farm Totals".

Unable to Delete Backup File when Single Backup File

  • Users that had the backup option set to only allow one backup (append timestamp for multiple backups was unchecked) would receive this error message when trying to do a database backup. The read-only file attribute flag was set as the default which prevented the file from being overwritten. Now, there is a new option "Set Read-Only Attribute" that the user may check during the backup if they want to prevent accidental overwrite of the file.

Windows default printer used and not Report default printer if specified

  • Detail Register and Reconciliation Reports were not using the report default printer if a report printer was specified in the application preferences. It was using the windows default printer.

Invoicing - Changing the Customer on an Existing Invoice would not recalculate the original customer balance

  • Now, when changing a customer on an existing form, it will ask if you want to update the customer only, create a new form based on the current document, or cancel the update.
  • Both the original and new customer balance is recalculated. Also, added a "Recalculate Customer Balances" from the Utilities menu.
  • NOTE: If using invoicing, it is recommended that you verify that your customer balances are correct by using the "Recalculate Customer Balances" from the Utilities menu.

Invoicing Entry Changes

  • Get Default Weight / Unit from Product and Service Item
  • Item Quantity entered on Invoice rounded to two decimal places for the deposit. Now, the quantity decimal places is preserved on the deposit.
  • Verify that the payment receive date within the fiscal period specified for the bank.
  • Receive Payment will validate that the required fields are specified for an invoice only if a paid amount is specified for the open invoice.

Invoice/Statement Address Moved to fit within Dynamics’ Check Windowed Envelope

  • The address was moved to be compatible with Envelope # DW-84

Invoice Receive Payment or Invoice Preferences – Error 7004

  • Opening and closing the "Receive Payment" or "Invoice Preferences" window several times without closing the application could result in error 7004 Maximum number of work areas exceeded. Now, the database connection is closed on form close.

Invoicing - Receiving & Applying Payments

  • It was difficult to know that an invoice payment can be applied to any open invoice in the Receive Payments window by clicking down in the grid. The program automatically applies payments to oldest invoice, forward, but payments can be applied specifically to an open invoice in the window. Added a Help button to the receive payment window to display information about receiving a payment, discounts, or overpayments / credits.

Invoice Receive Payment for Customer with Credit Balance or Applying a Credit Only

  • Applying a credit to an open invoice without also including a payment amount would not close the receive payment window. This could result in duplicate payments being applied if pressing the save button again. Now, the window properly records the credit and continues by either closing the window (save & close) or prompting for the next customer payment (save & new). It may be necessary to manually delete any duplicate payments and recalculate the customer balance by selecting "Recalculate Customer Balances" from the Utilities menu.
  • The applied amount line on the invoice document would not be displayed on the invoice if a payment amount was not entered along with the credit amount.
  • Give an information message that "Transaction has NO payment amount. Hence, NO deposit will be created." when applying a credit without a payment.

Invoice Preferences

  • Window opened in maximized state.
  • Window opened in maximized state.

Transaction Journal Reports - Price/Unit Heading Below Line

  • The "Price/Unit" column heading drops below the heading line on all of the various Transaction Journal reports. The report column heading was expanded.

Investment in Growing Crops - Some Missing in Inventory Grid Entry

  • The 518x3 and 519x3 categories under Investment in Growing Crops were not properly displayed in the inventory grid entry lookup listing in the tree view. Also, these codes would not correctly validate and were not allowed to be entered.