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Why Choose Us?


Whether it’s a single-user solution, a multi-user solution, a simple desktop solution or integration with your enterprise SQL Server databases, let our team of database programmers assist you in developing a program to suite your needs. Services include:

  • Database Architecture and Design
  • Database Administration
  • Performance Optimization
  • Database Security
  • Database Clustering and Mirroring
  • Data Quality Services
  • Master and Reference Data Management
  • Backup and Restore
  • Meta Data Management

We specialize database programming for:


MS SQL Databases

SQL Databases are currently the most practical databases for storing large numbers of records. SSCI can set up a SQL Server, design your databases, import information from other database sources, and design a custom program to access and update your database – either from a specific computer or through a web-based application that can be accessed anywhere.

Access Databases

Access Databases are the perfect solution when a full scale SQL database is not needed. Access databases utilize maximum functionality at a minimal cost. Access Databases lend themselves to the rapid development of attractive and intuitive user interfaces.

Oracle Databases

Oracle is an enterprise relational database management system which is the foundation for many database solutions.

MySQL Databases

MySQL is an open source relational database management system. MySQL can be used on various platforms including UNIX, Linux and Windows. MySQL is widely used as a backend database for Web applications and is a viable and cheaper alternative to enterprise database systems like MS SQL Server and Oracle.