Search Engine Optimization

Increase Traffic To Your Website


After any website is built, the very next step should be to get search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines are the gateway through which potential customers find your product and it is important for your site to stay at the top of these search engine results.

Sanders Software helps you achieve this by analyzing keywords that pertain specifically to your marketing niche thus focusing on the customers you want. By using viable keyword terms specific for your business in your search engine optimization, prospects and customers will be coming to your site pre-qualified for your products and services.


The steps we take to optimize your website:

  • keyword Research and Identification The most relevant and specific keywords and phrases are selected, based on your existing analytics data (if available), competitor’s meta tags, and keyword discovery tools.
  • Title and Meta Tag Optimization Next, Sanders Software implements your researched keywords in the necessary places on your site. One of the most important locations for your keywords and phrases is within your page Titles and Descriptions. We determine a hierarchy for the pages in your site, placing the more general keywords on pages with the most relevancy.
  • Website Submittal to Search Engines Once your site is optimized, we submit your site to major search engines using XML sitemaps and validation tools. It typically takes 2 to 4 weeks for a new site to be indexed completely.
  • Google Analytics A Google Analytics account will be created which will detail many areas of information to show both results and progress. This data will show your search engine rankings climb and the results will slowly become a reality.