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Optimize and manage your IT infrastructure, from the desktop to the data center, by virtualizing your computing, storage and networking systems with VMware software.

Sanders Software is a certified Professional Solution Provider for VMware products. VMware provides enterprise-class virtual machines that increase server and other resource utilization, improve performance, increase security and minimize system downtime, reducing the cost and complexity of delivering enterprise services.

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Virtualize computers

Virtual Infrastructure


A virtual infrastructure lets you share the resources of a single physical computer across multiple virtual machines for maximum efficiency. By virtualizing your in-house technology, you’ll be able to access more IT, more memory and more software than is physically installed in your office.

Virtualization from Class Computing enables your business to:

  • Improve application performance - with rapid provisioning and dynamic load balancing
  • Quickly become fully functional after a disaster - with simplified data recovery solutions
  • Increase utilization - by consolidating your servers
  • Save money - lower your electricity bill with fewer servers

Why You Should Virtualize


VMware customers typically save 50-70% on overall IT costs by consolidating their resource pools and delivering highly available machines.


Server Consolidation
Reduce hardware and operating costs by as much as 50% and energy costs by 80%, saving more than $3,000 per year for every server workload virtualized.

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Business Continuity
Planned downtime for hardware maintenance and backups is the cause of most service interruptions. Virtualization helps eliminate planned downtime and ensure data protection.


Simplify Data Protection & Backup
Virtualization enables the encapsulation of a complete system into a small set of files. As a result, complete protection of systems, applications and data can be achieved without the complexity of traditional data protection solutions. Systems, applications and data can be protected using a single set of tools and processes.

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Energy Efficiency
VMware monitors utilization across the datacenter and intelligently powers off unneeded physical servers without impacting applications and users. This enables consolidation ratios of 15:1 or more which increase hardware utilization to as much as 85% and reduce energy costs and consumption by up to 80%.

Disaster Recovery
VMware lets you recover to any machine, not just specific duplicate hardware, reducing hardware costs and maintenance budget and lowering the complexity of maintaining a backup site. Even if you haven’t virtualized all production servers, virtualize target servers for your data recovery to allow greater simplicity, reliability, and cost savings.

  • Recover from disasters rapidly
  • Ensure reliable disaster recovery
  • Reduce the cost of disaster recovery
  • Automate disaster recovery

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