Website Design & Development

Website Design Done Right

A website is a vital component in the marketing process. It is important that your marketing messages to the Internet are done in a sophisticated and creative way, which is consistent with your company’s overall marketing activity. Our design, hosting and development services are ideal for small businesses and individuals who are wanting to develop a professional, user-friendly website.

Sanders Software will take the time to understand your business, your customers and your vision. We will seek your input on design features and website functionality before we even start your project. The end result is a custom website design that will thrill both you and your customers.

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Responsive Website Design


Not surprisingly, over 50% of all Internet searches, like Google, are done on mobile devices, whether smartphone or tablet. Because of this, having a website that appropriately responds to the type of device is being viewed on is essential. Responsive web design means that a website can legibly fit the screen of any mobile device. All of the text is readable, all of the images are clear, and everything fits the screen as perfectly as on a laptop or desktop computer.

desktop computer and mobile devices

Another important factor for ensuring your website is mobile responsive is Google has made changes to their search engine results which give preference for mobile friendly results. This means that getting a mobile responsive website upgrade WILL impact your search engine placement and can be a great way to get ahead of the competition.

Sanders Software offers comprehensive responsive web design services. We understand the need for mobile compatible website design and create new sites accordingly. Our goal is to provide you with the latest in website technology, greater user satisfaction, and increased profitability.

Website Development Life Cycle


Planning Phase: The planning phase is the fundamental process of understanding what type of website should be built. Are you wanting to make updates to your site? Will your site require a blog, e-commerce, or a membership portal? Many questions such as these will be asked and evaluated to determine the type of site to build.

Analysis Phase: During the analysis phase we strive to determine what the website will look like and what information will be presented. This process is largely information gathering and can be done face to face or over the phone. We often review competitor web sites, review web design layouts, and determine the target audience. At the end of the analysis phase Sanders Software will understand the purpose, the websites requirements, and will have a general idea of web designs.

Template Design Phase: During the prototype design phase, Sanders Software will create a design template for review. We will build the design template on our testing server which will allow for clients to view the site in progress.

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Review of Template Design Phase: At this point the client will be able to review the template design and request any desired changes.

Development Phase: Once a website design has been approved by the client Sanders Software can begin the formal website content build which includes adding all pages, media items, menu items, forms, etc.

Mobile Responsive Testing Phase: The website development has completed and it is time for testing. Testing is done to ensure the website is fully functional within all browsers and mobile devices.

Release Phase: Testing has completed and the website is ready to “go live” to the world. At this point Sanders Software will setup hosting so the site is live on the client’s domain of choice.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Phase: We will apply the appropriate keywords and title tags to each page to ensure as high a page rank as possible. We will also submit your website to all the major search engines and start the web traffic monitoring via Google Analytics.

Maintenance Phase: Core and plugin updates will be run on the site as scheduled intervals to ensure your website continues to run smoothly.