Release Notes

FarmBooks Release Notes


Oct 04, 2021

Software Upgrade to This Version Reminder


If you have previously upgraded to version or greater, then you can download this version from the help menu by selecting the option “Download Software Update”. If you have a version prior to, then contact support to obtain this version of the update.

Database Conversion


This release requires a conversion before the database can be opened.

  • New YTD Amount field added to external master file for bank accounts for the future removal of the farmtot file.
  • In, a new code 0041 section was added for non-farm itemized expenses incorrectly as code 0441 which changed the description from ADDITIVES,SALTS/MIN. to HEALTH INSURANCE. This was discovered and corrected in the general release of However, this caused some users to have their custom code for 0441 to be changed to ADDITIVES,SALTS/MIN. Now, the conversion process will only change it back to ADDITIVES,SALTS/MIN. only if the description is HEALTH INSURANCE.
  • Data Analysis adds new ATIGD Codes. See the new codes section below.

Demo Database


Fiscal Year updated to 2021.

General Changes to the Application


Refresh Current Year is a new Year-End Menu Option
See the section below for Year-End Refresh Options for more details.

2022 Tax Table Rates Included with Release
If you have not downloaded the tax rates for 2022, you will not be required to download it. However, it will be necessary to apply the tax table to your database by selecting option “Have Already Installed from CD or Previous Download” from the Advanced Steps->Step # 2 OR simply run the “Complete ALL Year-End Tasks” from the Year-End menu.

Export of Cash Codes


Cash transactions with a TI-Code value of ‘06’ were being omitted from the export file.

Frequent Ask Questions (FAQs)


Check out the new section called “How do I record that transaction?” on the website http://www.farmbooksaccounting.com/faq.html

Inventory Livestock Production


Entry was changed to allow entry of Operating $ per Unit and Market $ per Unit for a respective Total Operating Amount and Market Amount. These values are now included on the Enterprise Analysis report which did not include columns for $ per Unit and Total Amount. See Enterprise Analysis Report changes for more information.

Invoicing Changes


Previewing and Printing Forms with Long Descriptions
Form detail lines with long descriptions would show as truncated when previewing or printing the various form types (estimates, invoices, or credit memos). Now, the description field is allowed to grow if it is a very long description. This issue was introduced with the new date column.

Invoice Preference
On the form tab, changing the default form type using the drop down would result in the error “tblLookupFormats: Field ‘ColDate’ not found.” This has been corrected and was introduced when the new date column was added in

Preview Statements
Allow for the preview of statements. If the user elects to generate a finance charge invoice, those will be delivery to the customer via the preferred method specified on the customer and based on if emailing is enable or not.

Report Changes


Enterprise Analysis Report
The report was changed to allow you to use either Inventory Operating or Market values when running the report. In prior versions, it always showed operating values. Also, the livestock summary section for Livestock Production of the report for births, death, or weaning did not include column amounts for $ per Unit and Total Amount.

Enterprise Transaction Journal Report
Allow the report to be run showing the payee description instead of the ATIGD description. You may select if you want to show the ATIGD or Payee description just like the farm transaction report. Also, the unit price for the OTHER section for inventory values was incorrect as it was being adjusted by the number of units.

Schedule F and Schedule F ATIG/D Data Map
In version, additional farm ATIG 0369x where x is a d-code of 1 to 9 for Government Payment was included. Only 03690 would be shown on the Schedule F report for lines 4 a,b for Non-CRP payments. Now, all the d-codes are included in this line of the report.

Year-End Refresh Options


A new “Refresh Current Year” menu item was added to the Year-End menu with three new options for refreshing the ATIGD Codes to Standard Defaults, Inventory and Accrued Values from the Prior Year Ending Values, and Balances from Prior Year Ending Values. This will allow users to refresh the accounting codes, inventory and balances after the New Fiscal Years has been created and transactions have been entered for the new fiscal year. In the past, users were permitted to re-run the New Fiscal Year only if NO transactions where entered for the new year. This will still be true with the new fiscal year process but the refresh options will allow users to work on inventory values and add missing transactions in the prior year in preparation for filing taxes and then later apply these changes back to the current fiscal period from the prior year. If the backup is not current (not backed up for the current date), then the Finish button will be disabled and you will not be permitted to run the process.

ATIGD Codes to Standard Defaults
This option may be run at any time during the fiscal year to return to the standard chart of accounts. The data will be analyzed to determine if there are any transactions that have account codes which are no longer defined in the chart of accounts. If so, these transactions will be tagged for correction. Failure to correct the data will result in that detail line being omitted from reports. The new fiscal year process also allows you to move to standard codes if you have started to deviate by creating your own codes.

Inventory from Prior Year Ending Values
This option will allow inventory and accrued values to be refreshed in the current fiscal year by using the ending values from the prior year. All Beginning and Ending Values for Inventory and Accrued items will be ERASED in the current year before copying the ending values from the prior year. The ending values for the current year will be set to same value as the beginning as a placeholder for later editing.

Balances from Prior Year Ending Values
This option will allow loan, receivable, and bank balances to be refreshed from ending value of the prior year. This option would be used if you added checks / deposits or loan payments after the new fiscal year was created. The loan / receivable codes are matched by external code number and the bank accounts are matched by bank code. If a match is found, the value is updated in the current year otherwise it is skipped. Hence, only matched values are updated in the current year with nothing new being created.

Name Changed D-Codes / Accrued Income Codes

ATIGD Current G-Code Description New D-Code Description
03643/13643 Other Disaster Payment Other Disaster Payment (WHIP+)

Name Changed G-Codes / Accrued Income Codes

ATIGD Current D-Code Description New D-Code Description
0313/0313 Prevented Plant Crop Insurance – Prevent Plant
0391/1391 Product Refunds Misc Income

Name Changed ATI Codes

ATIG Current ATI Description NeNew ATI Description
0370/1370 Gas Tax Refunds Refunds and Credits

New Farm Cash G-Codes / Accrued Income Codes

New ATIGD New G-Code Description
0373/1373 Carbon Credit
0379/1379 Other