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Grid Overview

Grid Overview

A transaction record has one record with two lines of entry. The first line details the payee along with check/deposit information whereas the second line list the account code, enterprise, external code, amount, and unit information (same as in check/deposit entry). If multiple ATIG/D codes are needed to describe the transaction, press the F2 key to duplicate the currently selected row in the list of transactions and add another ATIG/D code. You can create as many lines as necessary for the transaction. These records will be combined into one transaction (same check/deposit number) during the post activity step. When the transaction is posted, it will be posted to accounting and the bank balances will be adjusted accordingly and the data will be available to be displayed on reports and in the register.
You can work on the batch for as long as is needed and it can be recalled when the application is opened on a later date if desired. If all transactions are ready to post, the batch will automatically be deleted. You can elect to post the ones that are ready and finish the remaining ones during another edit session or have time to research. The “Post” transaction function can be found by pressing the “Batch Activities” button and selecting “Post”.

The statistical panel at the bottom of the screen shows information about the batch.

  • The leftmost panel shows Status Totals about how many lines and dollar amounts are represented by each status of “Edits Required”, “Warning Issued”, or “Ready to Post”.
  • The middle section shows the total number of checks or deposits along with the corresponding dollar amount. This information is useful when enter transaction from a statement.
  • The leftmost panel for “Batch Totals – Differences” shows the differences between the expected total checks and total deposit amounts and the actual amounts entered. This will give you an indication of how much may be pending entry by dollar amount.

FarmBooks Batch Entry screen showing grid version