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Paychecks – General Instructions

Paychecks – General Instructions

  1. Click on the Paychecks tab
    FarmBooks screen with the Paychecks tab selected
  2. Select a Bank Account and Fiscal Year if necessary, or accept the defaults. The selected bank account balance will display on the top line with Bank Account and Fiscal Year.
    FarmBooks Paycheck screen showing check data, pay to the order of, number, and amount fieldsCheck Number – If the program will print the check, the check number will be “PRINT” and the check number will be added when the check is printed. For hand written checks, clear the Print check box, and then manually enter the check number or enter NEXT in the Check Number and the program will insert the next check number in sequence.Check Date – Enter the check date or choose a date from the drop down calendar. Once a date has been entered it will be used for additional checks until you change it again.

    Check Amount – The check amount can be entered or calculated using the calculator button at the right of the check amount field.

    Pay to the Order of – Select an employee from the drop down list. Employee information must be entered in the Setup: External Codes: Employee window. To use an employee on a paycheck that has not previously entered, use the following steps:

    • From the main menu at the top of the screen, click Setup: External Codes: Employees.
    • The entry window will open on top of the paycheck window and you can set up the new employee. Be sure to fill out the Federal and State Allowances along with Filing Status, Type, and Pay Period. Then enter the earning and deduction information from the Earning and Deduction Info tab.

    After you close the External Codes window, the new employee will appear in the paycheck drop-down list and can be used on the paycheck.

    Memo button – opens a window so you can add additional information about this transaction.

    Detail Lines – When you set up an employee in the External codes section (see Setup: External Codes: Employee) the program will use the information entered there to calculate the paycheck. The program will enter the detail lines when you close the payroll detail window.
    FarmBooks Paycheck Detail Lines showing Description, Hours, Gross Pay, Amount, Extra Withholding