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Invoice Tab

Invoice Tab

From this tab, you can create estimates, invoices, credit memos, statements with finance charge invoices, and post payments and deposits.
FarmBooks screen showing the Invoice tab selected

You can preview, print, email, or batch print/email forms. Forms can easily be copied by pulling an existing form back into the editor and changing its form type. Also, you easily edit/delete forms or payments along with viewing the payment transaction history.
FarmBooks Invoice screen showing Customer, Date, Number, Description, Quanty, Price and Tax fields

  • Navigation Bar with Customer/Transaction View Tabs
    • Define date filters to customize data viewed in the top most grid list
    • Customer List View with Customer List Filters
    • Transaction Type View with Status Filters
  • Receive Payments – Apply payments, discounts, credit memos/overpayments, and write-offs to open invoices
  • Create statements and apply finance charges
  • View Payment Transaction History
  • Preview, Print, Email, or Batch Print/Email Forms
  • Edit Forms, Deposits, and Customers